Te Kura O Waima

 Board of Trustees


Current School Trustees

Clinton Mokaraka – Chairperson

Jenny Colebrook – Principal

Jahlene Kire - Secretary

Connie-Dawn Cassidy - Parent Representative

Clair Pihema - Parent Representative

Moni Donaldson – Staff Representative


Board of Trustees Meetings

The Board of Trustees meet a minimum of 2 times per term and collaborate with the annual calendar to utilise annual events such as noho marae and the annual pool party to consult with the wider parent group on current issues and planning ideas.


Members of the public are welcome to attend and listen at any board meetings which are advertised in our school newsletter and on the website calendar. Those people wishing to attend for a specific purpose should ask to have their kaupapa added to the agenda beforehand, this is at the discretion of the Chairperson, otherwise members of the public can be granted speaking rights as a part of standing meeting orders.


The role of a school trustee is often challenging as we set in place, monitor, and review plans that are designed to navigate a pathway which will meet the desired outcomes for approximately 30 families from in and around Waima. This is not always possible and inevitably there are times where opinions and perspectives differ. If parents have any concerns they should refer to the complaints policy which outlines the procedures to follow, this can be obtained from our school administrator or principal during office hours.


Special meetings are sometimes held to deal with matters of urgency as they arise. These meetings are open to the public, however it remains the discretion of the board to deem whether an issue is sensitive and requires the matter to be dealt with ‘in committee’. In this event, members of the public are excluded for the duration of time it takes to consider and decide on the matter and the minutes of that period of time are confidential.