Te Kura O Waima

 2019 Student Council


Naphtali Teau-Raharuhi
Kia ora my name is Naphtali Raharuhi I’m a year 8 student at Te Kura o Waima I’m a Student Leader for the school and for the Student Council I am a co-chairperson. I am also very good at every sport I play.

Mapihi Davis
Ki ora my name Is Mapihi Davis and I am 12 years old, I am a year 8 student at Te Kura o Waima I am also a Student Leader. I like to be friends with new students that come to our Kura.


Issac Wirangi

Hello, my name is Isaac and I am 12 yrs old. I am the Treasurer of the Student Council of Te Kura O Waima. I like music and gaming.


Charlamaine Tauiti-Kingi

Kia ora  my name is Charlamaine Tauiti-Kingi, and I am a 11 year old student that comes to Te Kura O Waima, and I am a year 7. I like to help kids to understand how to be kind to one another, and to take care of one another.

Events Manager

Mauri Pou

Kia-ora, my name Mauri Pou and I'm the Events Manager of Te Kura O Waima Student Council. I’m a Yr 7 and I’m 10 yrs old. I am the one who sets up events like swimming competitions, kapa haka/ etc, along with the Student Council and Student Leaders.





  Samara Tauiti-King

Hello, my name is Samara and I am part of the Student Council. I am in charge of the media. I take photos and write reports on the events that have taken place. I like to make sure everyone is happy.